Living the dream

So driving my ’84 meteor and working in a pizza bar isn’t really my idea of dream living but the hot summer days spent relaxing at the beach and going on spontaneous adventures make it all worth it. For some, beach living is all they’ve ever known for me it’s a novelty. I’d have to say, having the freedom to spend as much time doing what I want is lovely. Rising early to get my daily dose of vitamin D and equal amounts of refreshing salty ocean water is something I wouldn’t trade for anything else at this point in my life. After going through quite a roller coaster of events this year I’m using the next month or two as a chance to take a break from the hectic lifestyle I’ve been living, and yes I’m making the most of it while I can. I won’t be staying here forever, it’s just a little stop over while I find my feet and then once again plunge myself into a form of insanity. I’m pursuing my options of study for the new year in order to build something for my future years so I can one day say I am in fact “living the dream” or even better “my dream”. I do suppose every persons dream is different, I myself probably have way too many dreams for one lifetime but I quite enjoy the challenge of turning them into reality. Taking life easy has never been a desire of mine nor has it been what I’ve experienced, which sometimes worries me. Knowing that something even more challenging is probably going to present itself at any moment (especially when I’m least expecting it) makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide. But even with the suspense of future happenings and how impossible some things may seem, the immense pressure I’ve experienced has only given me more insight and knowledge into how to handle what happens next, after all I’ve always come out in one piece, just. So here’s to living the life you always dreamed of, take chances, no regrets.

PS. these are some amazing photos of places I one day want to be able to say I’ve visited.